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Please click here to connect to Warranty, now accessible through Infonet.

Note: You must be a registered user on Infonet to access this page. To request an Infonet account, please contact the Local Admin at your organization. If you do not know who the Local Admin is at your company, you may request this information by emailing and providing us with your customer name and customer number (ex.5306000123).

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IQR: Use this button in order to request Parts returns, Parts mis-shipment corrections, and Advise quality department of concerns in the field.

Warranty: As of Feb. 3rd 2020, the Warranty form can now be accessed in Infonet U.S. Please contact if you do not have access.

NOTE: Filling out this request form does NOT send out the replacement parts. Please contact your customer service representative.
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Part#Defect CodeDescriptionQty.Dealer Cost
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Labor Ops Number Labor Description Labor Hrs. Labor Rate
0303 Labor   $60 per hr.
Travel Ops Number Travel Description Travel Hrs. Travel Rate
0301 Travel (Stationary Equipment Only)   $60 per hr.
Diagnostics & Admin Ops Number Diagnostics & Admin Description Diagnostics & Admin Hrs. Diagnostics & Admin Rate
0302 Diagnostics & Admin   $60 per hr.
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